Ice Roller


Ice rollers can also help shrink the size of your pores, making your skin appear more even and reduces the possibility of clogging your pores. Ice rolling also helps with lymphatic drainage, reducing redness from breakouts, and is a helpful aid in your anti-aging routine.

The head surface of ice roller is made of stainless steel, which has a faster and longer-lasting cooling effect. With the sliding back and forth of the roller head, it can quickly shrink the skin pores, promote blood circulation, and let you feel the refreshing ice muscle effect. Avoid pain and embrace beauty.


"The application of the freezing roller boosts circulation, bringing blood to the skin surface and helping to restore radiance and encourage optimum cell function. Plus, ice-rolling can instantly reduce puffiness and redness, much like an ice-pack can reduce swelling and bruising" ,


Dimensions: 6.6cm x 16.5cm


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