Essence-Ex Whitening Armpit Whitener

Due to the rarity of this product, this product will not be restocked after it has sold out 
Essence-Ex Whitening Armpit Whitener Smooth & Clear Underarm Tightens Pores
Reduce Odor 
Say goodbye to dark spot armpits with Essence-Ex Whitening Armpit.
Helps solve the problem of dark underarms, not smooth chicken skin problem.
Helps to whiten armpits tighten pores Helps smooth underarms and reduce odor.
Benefits :
 Whitens and removes underarms dark patches and masks.
- Tightens armpit pores.
- Prevent underarm odour.
- Remove dead cells.
- Smooth ,soft and clear armpits .
Directions : 
After shower, spray essence on cotton wool.Then wipe it clean.
You will see that there are black marks on the cotton.
Wipe until the cotton wool is white.
Use everyday, morning - evening after bath. 
Will see results within 7 days* 
*Depending on the individual skin, results will vary 
Quantity :  100ml.  

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